Tuesday, September 30, 2008

....and the saga continues

It Pours.....
Continuing on with my story:

Kurt goes to work, and when he returns home he has a heating pad in one hand and the worst Bajio Flauta (now known as the Ensenada) salad in the other. Seriously a waste of money.

Kurt, being the wonderful husband that he is, kept the kids occupied and let me rest. Come 9:00 at night, I had woken up to the kids in bed and Kurt getting ready to leave to clean the conference center from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 in the morning. While talking he makes it known to me that he has diagnosed his still numb tongue and his now wide open eye that he can not blink shut as Bell's Palsy. Seriously! Bell's Palsy???

Bell's palsy: You wake up one morning, and your face feels stiff and odd. When you look in a mirror, half your face appears to droop. You can only manage half a smile. And your eye is dripping tears and doesn't want to close. What in the world is going on?
For many people, the first guess would be a stroke. But if your muscle weakness or paralysis affects only your face, a more likely cause is Bell's palsy.
Click Here to read more.

He says, it makes sense. Look at me, I'm smiling right now. Half of his face turned up, showing his smile creases, his wrinkle lines and emotion. The other half, motionless, looking like he was 5 years younger with no creases or wrinkles in sight. His face isn't "drooping" (at least not yet), but when he talks only half of his mouth opens and moves. When he eats, he can't taste anything on his right side. His eye is red and irritated, and showing signs of droopiness.

It has been said that this is a temporary paralysis, but can last for months. Being in the profession that he is in (optometrist), where he is literally 2 inches away from people's faces with his face, has caused some self-conscious issues. We laughed when I asked him how it went at work on Monday. He said he he kept the room very dark.

Not knowing the outcome, hoping that this isn't a permanent thing, having a wife who is on the outs, is a very unsettling thing. We are supposed to have our family portraits taken early next week. Can you image me sitting there in some uncomfortable, awkward sitting position trying not to show any signs if discomfort on my face; and my husband trying to smile his best smile with only half of his face?! HA, HA, it makes me laugh!

With time our wounds will heal. I am grateful that we have good health and strong bodies that can overcome these ailments that we have. It is times like these, when it pours, that you are able to reflect upon and appreciate the life that you do have and everything that surrounds it. And if the outcome of our family portrait showed eyes of pain, and a half lopsided smile, then it is what it is. It is through times like these that you laugh and you grow.


Taylor's said...

Holy smokes!

First: I hope pictures go well . . .who are you having do them?

Second: Where does Kurt work . . . I need to have my eyes checked along with my husband's eyes!

Third: I love your attitude. I don't think I would be so "chipper" if I was writing about this!

Jon and Melissa said...

Wow, you guys really have it rough. I hope that Kurt really doesn't have bells palsy-my friend got it and it was very serious. Here is her story if you want to read it http://paulmarcimccune.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2008-07-25T14%3A21%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7 Let us know if you guys find anything out. Also sorry about your back-Jon finally had to go to a chiropractor even though he "doesn't believe in them" and get it adjusted so he could at least walk. The first time was great then after that he thinks it was a waste of money. Anyway-if you get desprate.

The Clark said...


yes, i agree...great attitude you have (or at least are portraying or TRYING to have). can i help?

The Clark said...
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Kris said...

Oh man Kanani, that is awful! How is your back doing? It's hard to be out when you have little ones to chase after, I wish I were closer so I could help.
I've never thrown my back out but I hear it's painful.

I have to tell you this so you can tell Kurt I know his pain. With the whole jaw experience I had, there was about two weeks where my muscles in my jaw were so swollen/inflamed that I had some numbness and tingling in my face/mouth/ear area it was very painful going all the way down my back, it was awful. My hubby even said my face looked very different, kind of droopy, but I could still close my eye. The tendons in my jaw area were effected by all the inflmation and so hence the pain, tingling, and droopy look. They gave me oral steroids to help ease the inflammation, and when that didn't help they had to do an injection of steroids directly into my jaw area. I won't go into any more details as it is gross but I know it totally sucks it was a weird feeling and not fun at all.

I've read about Bells Palsy, scary! I hope that is not the case for Kurt. I hope you two both feel better soon!

barrettandaudrey said...

You poor poor people!!! We hope that you both get over your ailments fast!!!! You have a great attitude, and I hope you have great friends to help you out.

Anonymous said...

As a person who has had many family members afflicted with Bell's Palsy; I know that you need to work fast to limit damage.
My grandmother suffered needlessly for over 30 years and it affected her smile forever; my mother has had it several times; my mother-in-law got it soon after we met and I was able to give her some advice; now she is fully cured.
It may sound weird, but it works.
Use a heating pad on the side of your face that is affected. Use it non-stop. ASAP!
While looking in the mirror, over-exaggerate and say the words to Old MacDonald over and over - if it is just your mouth.
If your eye is affected and drying out; try taping it shut with very gently skin friendly tape from the pharmacy, or using swimmers goggles when you sleep.
I hope this helps; it has with my family.

Julie C

The Haley Family said...

when it rains it does pour at your home! Hope that Kurt can find out what is wrong and that pictures go well. Wishing you both well!

Danielle said...


the bells palsy is pretty scary, i have a yw in our ward that with each episode it has worsened. stay on top of it.

i hope your back feels better, soon. it sucks to try to run a house in pain. keep us posted.

Clinton and Jessica said...

wow, what a crisis! Yes, kurt, stay on top of getting that bells palsy cured, sounds horrible! and I have never thrown my back out, but I have done labor with no epidural and excruciating back labor pain. not fun for you, I know you have good friends that will help and I hope all gets better soon!

Lori Ann said...

Never a dull moment at your house is there? We'll pray for you and Kurt. Francois has back troubles and so I completely understand the sharp pain can't move back thing. It will get better, but it seems like once it happens you are more prone to it in the future, so be careful! Bells Palsy, weird stuff, has he gone to a doctor? Can they diagnose it or treat it? Maybe this year will be the silly face year for your family pics. I'm sure it would make it easier with the boys.

Mrs. Olsen said...


Kanani said...
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khepworth said...

Thanks for the comments. We appreciate your thoughts and words.

C. Taylor: 1st, we are having Ashley Thalman of Ashley Thalman Photography do our pics. I bid on one of the blog auctions for the Neilson family and won.

2nd, Kurt works in South Jordan out at the District (it's a new developement). I will get you the number.

3rd, We'll see how chipper I am in about a month.

Where do you live?

Melissa: Thanks for your friend's link. It helps to read other people's stories.

Julie C: Thanks for sharing your insight.

Anonymous said...


My good friend went through an episode of Bell's Palsy. She had a sales job and had a hard time overcoming her insecurities.

As you were describing Kurt's appearance, I couldn't help but think, "Kurt shouldn't take his role of Uncle Bingo so seriously."

All kidding aside, you are both in our prayers.

Brittney said...

Wow! I am so sorry to hear about everything going on at the Hepworth household. Have you seen anyone about your back? It's impossible to function when you are in so much pain (especially if it feel comparable to childbirth).

I'll keep you in my prayers as well. Good luck!

cort said...

you guys...what in the crap is going on? Just got the word of all of the stuff going on. It's almost so overwhelming that all you can do is laugh about it. So sorry, you guys will pull through everything. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.


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