Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles-**CONTINUED**

Ok, maybe not so much planes; but a little more trains.

On Tuesday, at 4:30 a.m. My sister and I, along with my Aunt and cousin, hopped on a train headed for Nauvoo, IL with eight kids in tow. After finding out that kids' ages range from 8 to 2, and that the ride would be a mere 33 hours long; some might call us crazy, delusional, or even out of our minds.........um all of the above would be correct.

Here are 7 of the 8 getting ready to board the train.

Our arrival at the Burlington train station was a sweet one. Greeted by my parents and other family members was a happy moment. The train ride was long. The kids had a blast. The Mom's not so much-we had our work cut out for us. It was exhausting. I only had to put the smack down once. And that was enough.

And thus began the Kaaiakamanu family reunion.........FYI: My parents have lived in Nauvoo for the past 3 years. They wanted to get all the family (who ever they could come) out there at the same time.

Here are the highlights, (maybe I shouldn't say highlights) more like memorable moments from the trip.

*Draekli went to the bathroom only to find that there was no toilet paper to do her biz. Luckily she had her cell phone with her. She called everyone's cell trying to get anyone to answer so they could bring her some toilet paper. No one was answering their cell, except Grandpa. Last but not least he answered her call, and saved the day. Mind you, Draekli is 7 years old. If any of your kids are begging you for cell phones at this young age, here is proof that they do come in handy.

*Vincent backed the rental car into someone else's rental car in a parking lot.

*The day of our arrival Tiffany was feeling sick with allergies/cold. The next day, Auntie Dianne had the runs which eventually turned into a puke fest. Then the next day my sister caught the same bug my aunt had minus the barfing. The day we were leaving my mom was on her sick bed with all the symptoms my aunt had. And my brother got sick the day he was leaving and was stuck in the airport for an extra 8 hours due to the airline overbooking their flight. So glad my immune system was working well that week, and so glad that no one was sick on the train ride home.

*Seeing Wendi and her kids.

*I got me a case of what I like to call the Chiggers. Chiggers are common in Illinois and Missouri. They are little bugs that live in the grass and bite you. They aren't mosquito bites, but they are similar in the way that they itch like hell, but they don't get big and puffy, they are more like red welts.

Here's the whole clan, or at least all of us who were able to make it.

Draekli and Kalea

All the boys dressed up

My parents and two of my brothers and my sister. Missing 2 brothers

Justin and Keani

Cousins-Helena's 4, my 3, and Troy's 1

My parents and all 13 of their grandkids

I am so glad to be home. I had the best sleep EVER once my head hit my pillow. I loved seeing my family and speding time with them. I also love Nauvoo and the history that dwells there. I will say, the next time I go, I will gladly fork out the extra money for plane tickets.


Crazed said...

What were you thinking? Now I really want to know how the trip went... Detailed!!!

The Clark said...

wowza! i didn't realize you could still ride the rails. how does the cost compare to flying?

Christie said...

Holy! I would have such a hard time doing that, ur so BRAVE!

Anonymous said...

Fun! And yes you guys are crazy! I don't think that I could make it.

Tell your Mom and Dad that their adopted daughter says "hi" and I wish I was there! Have fun~

Hopefully Kurt and Tyler are not to lonely all by themselves.

Jon and Melissa said...

Wow, you will have to fill me us in on all the details. I will have to agree, you seem a bit crazy.

Brittney said...

I thought flying with 4 was bad...you have me beat!!!

I'm sure it was a memorable experience for the kids if nothing else. Hopefully the trip was worth it once you got there.

Danielle said...


The Kraus House said...

How fun, I would love to see the country that way, now with three kids and all by my lonesome might be a different story. I always knew you were a brave chick. Miss ya. Nat

Brittany Kaaiakamanu said...

As you've heard, flying on a plane can have its downfalls too . . .
I'm glad we did this trip, it was alot of fun and it was good to see everybody that we don't get to see very often.

Lori Ann said...

You are so brave! But, I'm glad that you didn't get sick and that you had a good time. Hanging out with the family is always a mixed experience!

Brittany Kaaiakamanu said...

We didn't get free tickets :(
We got vouchers for breakfast and dinner and $200 discount on our next Delta purchase (like I ever want to fly with them again). I felt SO bad for Vince, it took us like 45 minutes just to check in and he was holding his breath the whole time trying not to throw up.


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