Monday, August 4, 2008

Check it.

If you don't use, or haven't heard of MP3Fiesta listen up!

MP3Fiesta is a music download store just like you would find on yahoo music, or i-tunes. EXCEPT the difference is it is TONS cheaper! For example: If you wanted Coldplay's new Viva La Vida album, you could download it for $2.14 for the whole album. OR you can hand pick the songs you want for .20 a song. Songs that are longer in length go from .24 and up.

*The difference between MP3Fiesta and other stores is you have to deposit a certain amount into your account. The minimum is $19. Each time you purchase a song it deducts the amount from your account. That is roughly 95 downloaded songs.

*You do have to register. It's free. And you have to give them your credit card information. There are no fees or time commitments involved.

*Once you download a song, you have 48 hours to download and save it to your computer. After 48 hours the song gets deleted off your download list. They will not refund you if you fail to download it.

*You do have to save the music to your computer. After you save it to your computer you can do what you want with it, i.e. move it over to your i-tunes/mp3 folder, burn a disc, etc. It's yours.

*They do have an option that lets you listen to a 30 sec. preview of each song.

*Because it's so cheap I don't mind, but the only annoying thing about it is you have to download and save each song to your music file (you know, right click save target as....) If you download a ton of songs at once, it can take some time.

*Be sure to check out their site and read their rules and guidelines for yourself.

I have been using MP3Fiesta for about a month. So far so good. I have no complaints, and the price can't be beat. They are running a promotion right now-anyone who clicks on the link I have posted, registers, and fills their account so they can start buying music helps me get free downloads. Click here to check out the site. If you decide to sign up, be sure to do it from the link here in my blog, it is linked to my fiesta account and it will give me credit.

Go check it out and get your ROCK ON!


Meridee said...

I will tell my hubby, he is always downloading songs. Thanks for the tip!

Brittney said...

I wish I would have read this last week. I just spent $10 on Itunes for 8 songs to get me through a 5k next week. Hopefully it won't take me all 8 songs but you never know... : )


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