Friday, February 15, 2008

Flashback Friday

Be All You Can Be!

Here's the David Barker/Kurt/Mr. Gumke story. Good times in this class!
Madison High School, Jr. Year

So we are sitting in Mr. Gumke's class taking a math test. Mr. Gumke was sitting at his desk which was in the front of the class room. Kurt having not studied for the test got stumped on a problem and in a low quiet voice whispers to his neighbor, David Barker. "Hey David, what's the answer to number 12?" David did not reply. Once again Kurt whispers, "David, what's the answer to number 12?" In a hesitant voice David replies, "B" . "What?" asks Kurt. "It's B". Then all of the sudden Mr. Gumke says, "What's that David?" BUSTED! "What did you say?" "B......ummm......B all you can be?" The class bursts out with laughter, including Mr. Gumke, who quickly composed himself as he was supposed to be in control here.

Kurt and I don't remember what Mr. Gumke did for punishment or anything else for that matter. All we remember is how funny it was when David got busted via Kurt.

Here's another one! (this is on a totally different day)

Once again we were taking another test in Mr. Gumke's class. You know how it is, it's quiet as quiet can be. Everyone is focused on the problems at hand, minding their own business. The only thing you can hear are your thoughts, and the sound of your eraser exterminating wrong answers.

Mr. Gumke had stepped out of the classroom for a moment. The sound of silence still permeated the room. Kurt for whatever reason.....okay he thought it would be funny, lets out a loud, high pitched scream. The silence was broken, and the class was sent into oblivion. Kids froze right there in their seats. Others freaked out and let out a scream of their own, while others laughed uncontrollably.

It wasn't long before the whole class was laughing. But it quickly came to a halt as the door opened and Mr. Gumke returned back to his desk. And so it was back to hearing your own thoughts and the sound of your eraser making smudge marks on your paper, along with a snicker here and there with a cough to follow as to cover up any hint of laughter.

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