Monday, February 11, 2008

Flashback Friday-Jr. Prom

I know, I know.....It's not exactly Friday.

The existance of our relationship as we know it all started when we were Juniors in High School.

Kurt and I were in the same math class. Our teacher, Mr. Gumke. (This class brings back funny memories. Not to go off on a tangent, but be on the lookout for a post involving Kurt, David Barker, and Mr. Gumke.) I sat in the front of the class like any good student does, and Kurt sat in the back like any good goof-off does. Well, one day Kurt was goofing around and so Mr. Gumke made him move to a permanent seat up at the front of the class, next to me. It was there that Kurt learned that I had not yet been asked to our Jr. Prom. It was 2 days before prom, and Kurt must have felt sorry for me so he asked me. Not getting asked was no big deal to me. I guess since I had been asked by a Senior to a dance my Freshman year (yeah ahhh, pat self on back) more than made up for any dances I may have missed. For I had already proven myself and therefore needed not pout or feel sorry for myself. Besides, it was just a dance!

So he asked me in class if I wanted to go. I said yes, but that was about it. We didn't really talk about what we were going to do or what time we would hook up. Usually for dances you hook up with all of your friends and spend the whole day trying to impress your date on a long drawn out day/night of pre-planned activities. This was not the case with us.

The day of the dance, which was 2 days after he asked me, he called about 4 o'clock and was like, "What should we do?" *"What a romanic guy I was." Laughing out loud. We went back and forth-I don't care, whatever, you choose. So at 7 o'clock he shows up at my door with a Domino's Pizza. We ate pizza and watched the Simpson's. Finally he's like lets go. So we left and went to the Snow Building at Ricks College. He took me on one of his adventures that he usually did with his buddies. We snuck into the auditorium where they put on plays. We went back behind the stage and climbed the ladder that goes up above where they perform. Once you get up there, there are narrow grated walkway planks. It was too scary to stand up and walk, so we went across them on our hands and knees. We were probably 25 feet up above the stage. We hung out up there and talked for a while and then he took me back home to get ready for the dance.
*Input from Kurt: At the top of the ladder was a door to get onto the grates, and it was always locked. So Kurt climbed a rope all the way up onto the grates (25 feet). Once he got up there he unlocked the door so I could get onto the grates. He says, that we didn't eat the pizza at my house, but that we brought it with us and ate it up on the grates.

I don't remember anything about the dance. The only thing I remember is when we had our picture taken. It was awkward! The photgrapher puts you in your pose and tells you what to do with your hands, etc. Well, it's not like we were dating or anything. We didn't really know each other. All we knew was that we were in the same math class together. Anyway, if you look at our dance picture (I can't believe I'm posting this by the way) look at our hands. The photographer was like, ok now go ahead and hold hands, and we were like, ummmmm okay, if you say so.....Needless to say, it was the most awkward hand hold ever!
*Input from Kurt: The only thing Kurt remembers about the dance is the comment that Sam Archibald made when he saw our dance picture. I will not write what he said, but I was flattered.


celeste said...

High School dances....LOL!!! Love the story!!

The Clark said...

great story! the genesis of kurt & kanani. ahhhhhh.

Rochelle said...

Once upon a time Kurt and Kanani met and fell in love. I have no doubt that your legacy will give Grandma Pearl a run for her money.
BTW-I think Mr. Gumke was one of my fav teachers at MHS. "Gumke? Paging David Gumke."
ha ha

Brittney said...

I think I had a crush on Gumke. Loved the pic. You both look so young. One thing is for sure, you will never see a high school dance picture of me!

Kris said...

Love that story because I too got asked to my Junior Prom the day before, but no it was not my future husband that asked me so it's not quite as fun of a story. But the guy felt bad for me because I already had a dress, which I wasn't bothered that I wasn't going and had a dress I knew I use the dress some time in the future. He was a nice guy, and later I found out that he married a girl by the Name of Eden after I had already had my daughter Eden, weird!
Love the Picture by the way, you haven't changed a bit, okay maybe a bit more mature looking but Kurt, he looks like a baby! I know it was hard for you to share that picture but thanks I got a good laugh out of it :)


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