Thursday, January 3, 2008


Being sick is just something that I don't deal well with. Especially when me and my kids are sick at the same time. The sick taking care of sick.....lets just say it's survival.

Something that Isaac and I ate got us both really sick. Isaac was puking all night and the next day. Me, I was fine until "the baby turned". Once "the baby turned", I basically camped out in the bathroom. Being in the bathroom so much, made me sick to my stomach which then evolved into liquids coming out both ends if you know what I mean. I'm just glad that there was no sitting and spinning involved. If you don't know what that is, DON'T ASK! Let's just say, 1. I have never had it happen to me, but I've heard horror stories. 2. It involves liquids coming out of both ends simultaneously. Now that you are familiarized with my sickness level you can now see why the sick taking care of the sick is merely just a battle of survival.

Gavin is sick with a cold/caugh, and Owen seems to be just fine. Since Kurt is at work all day and me being down for the count, Owen has had to fend for himself. Thank goodness for cold cereal. That's all he and Gavin have lived on for the last 2 days. I have feelings of neglect and am contemplating making the 2 minute trip to take Owen to school just so he can get a decent lunch. I've had a rough morning, but seem to be feeling a lot better. I'm hoping this is the end of it all. Although my house is a complete disaster, my kids look like rugrats, and I still have the runs, I am just grateful to know that this too shall pass. (literally) Sick isn't it?


Rochelle said...

Been there done that. Seriously, I have Crohn's Disease. We are talking major gastrointestinal issues here! (Kurt-need I remind you of the "Con Air" incident?) I have experienced the sitting and spinning once and that was enough. I was prepared the next time! Ok...well...if you weren't grossed out enough before, I am sure you are now!

khepworth said...

I am so laughing out loud right now!

Con Air was on t.v. not too long ago, and you were the first thing that came to mind.


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