Tuesday, January 1, 2008

GaMe ON!

So we made it back from Rexburg town. Not without a fight though. Man we had to put up a fight trying to get there too! On the way there, it was snowing and the roads were patchy with ice. Once we hit Blackfoot, the roads turned into one big sheet of ice. It was scarry driving. We drove about 40 miles all the way to Rexburg. It took forever, and I was glad to have made it. There were tons of cars that had went off the road. When it was time to come home, the winds were heavy and snow was blowing across the freeway making it hard to see the road. Once we got to Soda Springs, they closed the freeway. We took a detour and eventually were able to get back on track to get home. From there the roads were off and on good and bad. They eventually turned good making it a smooth ride the rest of the way home. I am definitely not a fan of driving in snowy conditions.

We had an awesome time in Rexburg. Our number one goal was to be LAZY. We chalked one up for accomplishing that goal. We spent the week at Kurt's parent's house. Kurt's mom took good care of us.

Here are some of the highlights of our Rexburg town week.

In the Hepworth family, it is tradition every year to reinact the Nativity story.
This is Katie (a shepherd) with Owen and Andrew (wismen) and Isaac (as Joseph).

This is everyone. Nicole played Mary, and Lisa (the angel) Toukes was a sheep, but wouldn't stick around long enough for a picture.

In the Kaaiakamanu family, it is tradition to run out to the fence and back (in the snow) in your bare feet. This picture is of Kekoa. Believe it or not he is not crying/pouting because his feet are freezing cold and are about to fall off, but he is crying/pouting because he was in last place getting back from the fence. I guess you could say that Kurt (Uncle Bingo) started this tradition. This is our 3rd year. I think this tradition will hold up. All the kids get so psyched to do it.

This is Gavin, who just couldn't get enough of his new Power Ranger costume. He wears those red gloves everywhere! Uncle Justin sent the boys Transformers for Christmas. They were a big HIT!

Kurt hooked some tubes up to the trooper and pulled the boys around out at "The Land".
This picture is of Isaac and Andrew.

We also hooked up with some of our high school friends. We try to do this every year with whoever is in town. We had a lot of good laughs and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

Oh, how can I forget. For any of you who remember when we lived below the Hepworth's in their basement the story of how the stove top caught on fire while I was cooking something in the oven. Ya, and it scared the crap out of me. Well I thought we had worked out our differences. We moved out, no hard feelings right. Well, I was getting ready to goto the Kaaiakamanu family party and I was using the same oven to cook a lasagna. I pre heated the oven and went to put a lasagna in, and when I opened the oven door, there was a fire in the oven! SOB! Not again. The dang thing hates me! I was smart and learned my lesson from the last fire and didn't hesistate and grabbed the baking soda. We got the fire out, but I vow to never use that oven again. Oops, as I am writing this, I am remembering that I forgot to clean up the baking soda mess I left in the oven. Sorry Hannah!

And thus concludes the highlights of our week. We were so in need of the break, and now it's back to reality.


Brittney said...

I'm glad to see you made it safely. Idaho rodes are the worst I have ever encountered. I was so glad not to have to deal with the Idaho snow/roads this Christmas but wish I could have been there with family and to see you all at Rachel's!

Brittney said...

Okay, so I just realized I spelled (rodes) wrong. I meant roads: )

Anonymous said...

We had a great time with you out in Rigby. Remember that story Kurt told us about Paul Weimer? That was the funniest story of the night! Go Team Mitt 2008!


The Clark said...

hey...i was in idaho. who else did you hook up with :(

lily was reading your post with me and she thinks she and nohea and moki are cousins now because they all have an uncle named bingo!

Rochelle said...

I wanted to be there! Of course it would have been just me and no Tyler but the more the merrier right? Looks like you guys had a lot of fun doing other stuff as well. TTYL

khepworth said...

Rachel, I thought you guys were staying in UT for xmas???

There weren't many people there-Rachel Greene, Sarah Haley, Steve Farrer, and Nancy Franz. (And their spouses.) Your name was brought up though, and we concluded that you are/were the hottest girl in school, and why didn't we hang out with you more?

khepworth said...

Sarah, oh Yeah! The story about Paul.....too bad he wasn't there to defend himself. HA!

Paul, where are you?

The Clark said...

well, i was in utah for xmas, but went to the burg on the 27th. sounds like a fun fiesta. sad i missed it. and, ummm, thanks for the compliment. i'm pretty sure you know an eye doctor. maybe you should ask him to check your vision...


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