Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A great weekend

I made it back from California.

It was a great weekend getaway! It was so great to spend time with my brother, my parents, and my sister. We had the best time, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. It was sunny and warm the entire time we were there. We consumed more vietnamese food in the weekend we were there than over the course of my life. We indulged at the spa, and got hour long relaxation massages, and took advantage of the jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna. Thanks Justin and Tiff for the best birthday present EVER! We also celabrated Keani's first birthday. We had a great weekend and I only wish it could last longer.

One thing I found ironic was on the plane ride home (we flew Jet Blue-which I highly recommend. Each seat had their own t.v. with a bunch of stations.) on VH1 classics, they were playing U2's Rattle and Hum tour. I watched it the whole way home. What a great way to end a great trip.

I've posted a few of my favorite pics.

Playing Scrabble-one of my favorite board games.

My Dad and I.

The beanie I scored at the flea market.

Some funky plant.
The spread for Keani's birthday dinner. Yes, that is a pig, with a red flower tucked behind it's burnt little ear.

Keani and her headband that she wore for 3 seconds.

Me and Helena (my sister).

Tiffany, Justin, and Keani.

My mom, me and my sister.

Keani's favorite foods are tofu and avacado. Funny huh?

Oh, one more highlight of our trip. On 2 separate occasions, I had 2 strangers ask, "Are you in high school?" and the other, "Are you in college?" I don't know if I act imature or if I just look young. But I'll take it!

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Clinton and Jessica said...

Sounds like fun! and what a feast for birthday celebrations! Woah. Looks yummy. And scrabble--what can I say--awesome game. No one around here will play with me.


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