Friday, January 18, 2008


Hot air & bad cats.
Last night we were talking with some friends and Kurt brought up a great memory. I thought I would post it for my Flashback Friday.

We were living in Mesa, AZ shortly after we were married. It was the middle of a hot summer day. Kurt got off work early and was making the 45 minute commute home.

His form of transportation was our '89 Honda Accord, which at the time was very temperamental. Sometimes the windows would roll down, sometimes they wouldn't. Sometimes you'd have them down, and you couldn't get them to roll up. There was an electrical short. Along with the short, the AC was also a little short on working. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't.

As Kurt leaves work and gets in the car to go home, the car was scorching hot as it had been sitting in the 110 degree heat all day. He goes to turn the AC on and of course it's not coming on. He then tries to roll the windows down, and of course they aren't going down. There was nothing he could do. He just had to take it. He was madder than a hornet! He claims it was 120 degrees in the car or more. He drove the whole 45 minutes roasting like a pig, with beads of sweat tumbling down even the darkest orifices of his body. It was all he could do to keep the sweat out of his eyes to stay on the freeway.

By the time he got home he was furious, hot, and mumbling four letter adjectives that push PG-13 movies into an R rating. Once inside the house he took off his shirt to cool off and went to lay on the couch. As his hot sweaty back hit the leather cushion, he found that he had laid in a puddle of water or something. After some quick investigating, he realized that the substance he had laid in was foul cat urine!!!!! My cat, Mr. Boofers had wizzed on the couch!
Kurt hated that cat from the beginning, and only allowed it because it came as a package deal with me when we got married. That cat knew after hearing the tapestry of profanity woven by Kurt's mouth that he had better disappear for a while or end up in the microwave for a 10 minute cycle. And that's just what Mr. Boofers did, and bless his heart it saved his life.
Aaahhh, purrrrrrBooooooooof!


Aaron & Michelle said...

Holy Kurt and Kanani!!!!

So I haven't blogged in sometime...but I just got your comment to our last post and I can see that I've been busted as a cyber-stalker. Shoooooot! I sure love seeing your cute family. Looks like the two of you sure enjoy life. Let's get together sometime when you are in the 'burg'.

By the way Kurt has been the subject of many a fun story in my seminary classes over the last 9 years. Ha!!! Trust me Kurt you're the hero of hundreds of High School kids in the state of Utah.



cort said...

Love your blog. miss you guys

Sharlie said...

We just lost our 15 year old cat called Mr.Boofers! Tell is your Mr.Boofers still with you? How did you think of the name?


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