Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Fairy

Something wonderful has happened. Yesterday I woke up, went upstairs, and went about my business getting the kids ready for school. After the kids were off and Kurt was gone to work, I went down to our bedroom only to find it straightened up and the bed neatly made. I couldn't help but smile as the service of a little fairy helped start my day off right.

Later that day, as the chaos of kids loudly running rogue, a phone call from the Bishopric asking us to speak in church THIS SUNDAY, and trying to prepare for my Stampin' Up! workshop this saturday, I got stressed. I locked myself in my office for the night. When I came out, I came out to a spotless kitchen. The little fairy cleaned it, just as I would have. All counters, including the stove and table wiped down, floor swept, chairs pushed upto the table. What a surprise! What nice surprise! I didn't have to go back and finish the job.

Then this morning, when I went down to work out, the same thing! The room was tidied and the bed neatly made. No pullin' the covers up over the pillows with the blankets all skawampus. This little fairy did it the way I would have liked it to be done. What a great thing! I hope my little fairy knows how much I love him!


My Three Sons said...

Could you send your fairy my way? I could TOTALLY use one of those around my house! Congrats on a house well cleaned :)

Rochelle said...

I like your fairy. I have a pretty good one myself that shows up once in a while for me.

ashleyboice said...

Man you are lucky...Cortney is good at a lot of things but cleaning without being asked is not one of them.


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