Friday, October 19, 2007

We had a fabulous time at the game. Cindy was sweetheart and offered to watch our kids for us. We went to the Redbox and rented Transformers for them, as it just come out that day. It was a cold and rainy day. As we approached the Center, we were getting pumped up only until we passed a homeless guy on the street playing How Great Thou Art on his harmonica to earn a little money. I had to snicker a little-I guess by playing a hymn, the purpose is to guilt you into putting money into his bucket. If we had some change, we probably would have given it to him, but we didn't so we just walked on by.
We enjoyed the game kid free. It was nice to get away and get a break. Of course the Jazz won! When the game got out the same man was on a different street corner playing the same tune in the pouring rain. We again, walked on by. We got home to find that Gavin cried a good portion of the time we were gone, but that he and Owen were in bed sleeping. Kurt and I devoured the rest of his cake and ice cream and watched David Letterman.


Rochelle said...

I'm glad you two crazy kids could get away for some adult time..Happy Birthday Kurtie

The Clark said...

okay, try this. go to and you can have optimus prime call your kids. they'll freak out. my friday night date woke me up saturday morning with this phone call. it was hilarious.

when is the next fhe? i think it's time.


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