Thursday, August 23, 2007

The time has come....

The time has finally come that we have started packing up our belongings. We have a move date of Sept. 1. We are so ready to live a normal life. It has been really sucky having to have Kurt gone all week and drive home on Friday. Get here Friday night, have Saturday, goto church Sunday, nap, eat, and drive back to SLC. We are looking forward to being a full time family. I have been packing, organizing, and dejunking every day. Trying to get the majority of it done by this weekend-tomorrow before Kurt gets here. -Don't know if I'll make it. I find it crazy that we accumulate so much crap. Crap that I just can't let go of. You know I might need it some day for that one thing... I drive Kurt CRAZY! I have been getting rid of lots, but I'm sure that I could be getting rid of more.

Isaac should be starting school on Monday the 27. I feel bad having to have him miss the first week. I know it's only first grade and it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I do worry.

I've been listening to the Killers and Blink 182 for 3 days straight and I'm not even sick of them. Awesome packing music!

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