Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fishing at the Nature Park

We took all the kids fishing at the Nature Park while G-ma & G-pa "K" were here. Isaac claimed that Uncle Andrew taught him all about fishing and insisted on casting his own line. He did pretty good! Nohea was the only one to catch anything. She caught 2 beauties! Owen helped her reel one in so I snapped a picture of him acting like he caught it. The kids loved fishing, and loved doing it with Grandpa. Grandpa goes all the time and has been fishing since I was a little girl. It is one of his passions. He only wishes that the Mississippi wasn't so stinking dirty so he could fish it everyday. (He lives in Nauvoo, Il and the Mississippi is his back yard.)

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come and visit for 2 weeks. This is a picture of them just as they are getting in their car to make the long drive back. They live in Nauvoo and have lived there for the last 2 1/2 years. We were fortunate to live only 3 hours away when we were living in St. Louis. We got to visit often. We had a great time while they were here!

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Clinton and Jessica said...

awesome pictures! we love fishing in our family too. Calvin has yet to catch one, but he loves to sit and try.


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