Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hiking at Webster's Dam

This last weekend I attended my cousins wedding while Kurt took the boys hiking at Webster's dam.

Kurt went on a great spalunking expedition in our storage unit and found the backpack carrier so that he could haul Gavin on his back while hiking. He packed a lunch and off they went to Webster's Dam. They went about 3 or 4 miles and were gone most of the afternoon. The boys loved it! They saw a big ol' bull, Hatchet Jack's Cabin, and the area where Crazy Sue Warnberger lived. Hatchet Jack and Crazy Sue are characters that Kurt uses in his bedtime stories. The boy's eat it up. Everyone was exhausted and slept forever when they got home.

So while the boys were hiking, I attended my cousin's wedding in the Idaho Falls temple. It was really nice to be able to spend time by myself in the temple. I don't get there enough having kids and all. I haven't been to a ceremony in a long time. It reminded me of my wedding day. I was soooo nervous. And the day was so long. But it was a wonderful experience. I remember the room being packed with our families. And I kept shaking my foot from nervousness. When it was time to put on the rings, I was surprised to see that Kurt had gotten me the ring that I had my eye on. He wasn't with me when I found it, but he managed to get the exact ring that I had tried on months earlier. It was a great surprise. This Sunday, in 5 days to be exact, we will have been married for 9 years. What a great day being able to spend time reflecting back on my own wedding day. James and Jill thanks for getting married and letting me witness such a special event.


The Clark said...

what a cute dad! congrats you guys. happy 9th. hope you see fireworks.


Clinton and Jessica said...

great pics on what looks to be a pretty cool hike. 9 years eh...awesome! congrats


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