Thursday, July 19, 2007

Freak Me Out!

So tonight Isaac and Owen take Toukes (nan's dog) out for a walk around the block. While I was up talking with Kurt's mom (Nan) Isaac runs in the house and drops Toukes off and heads back outside to play as so I thought. Which isn't a big deal. Well, 10 minutes after Isaac and Owen left to go outside to "play" I get a phone call, and it's Isaac. He and Owen went to Heber and Cy's house (Kurt's Cousins) who live through the block. A big no-no to leave without telling mom. The good thing is Cy had them call me to let me know where they were. I told Cy to send them home in 10 minutes. The 10 Minutes had passed and I was expecting them shortly as it was getting dark. At 9:35 I started to not worry but to think, hey they better be walking through the door soon. Finally at 9:40-ish Owen walks through the door. I say, "Where's Isaac? Owen says, "He's coming." A minute later I say, "Owen where's Isaac?" "He's coming! He took the long way." Ok......So I waited........At 9:46 I get somewhat worried/concerned. So I go outside to see if I can see his bike or him. And by now it is dark. I didn't see his bike, and now I am worried. So I call Cy and ask him if Isaac is over there. He says, "No, he and Owen left together and I told them to go fast so they would get home before it was dark. He's really not home? I will get in my car and drive around." Now I am a little frantic....I was outside about to start walking around the block when the phone rings and it is Pat (Kurt's mom) and she says, "Have you seen Owen, is he downstairs with you?" I say, "Yes, but Isaac didn't come home with him." She says, "I have Isaac right here." ?????..............................................PHEW!

What had happened was Isaac was on his bike and he would ride ahead of Owen and wait for him to catch up, well Owen decided to take the short cut and so Isaac backtracked to the short cut to catch up to Owen. Isaac says that he saw a squirrel and followed it and then Owen was gone. Owen came home and went downstairs to our house, and Isaac came home and went upstairs to Nan's house. Nan knew that they were at Cy's house and knew that Owen was supposed to be with Isaac. So she says, "Where's Owen?" And Isaac says, "I don't know, I was waiting for him and then he took the short cut and then he was gone." So Nan goes walking with Isaac back to Cy's house to try to find Owen. But Owen was home downstairs with me. So when Isaac doesn't come walking through the door, it was because he was with Nan looking for Owen.
OH BROTHER! (literally)

They both returned home safe, but I gotta tell ya, FREAK ME OUT! It all happened within 15 minutes, but it was really unsettling not seeing them both walk in the door together. You always hope that your kids will be safe, it's hard not being able to be there 24/7 to protect them.

On a lighter note, I got my hair cut today, and I think I am pleasantly happy with the cut I got. After 3 other attempts to get a good cut since January (which is when we got back to Rexburg) I think I have finally found a good hair dresser in this small town of Rexburg. Imagine that! Oh, I cut it at Radiance. It's over by World Gym in the new little strip mall. A girl named Krista did it, if you're looking for someone good.

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The Clark said...

i totally know that feeling--FREAKY!! my babysitter once lost my kids for like 2 hours. in my mind they were half way to reno in some dirty old man's truck. it was really sucky. glad there was a happy ending for both of us.


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