Monday, June 25, 2007

5th Annual Girls' Weekend Get-A-Way

Every year my high school friends get together for a girl's weekend get away. Husband and kid free! We have been going strong for five years. There are 11 of us, and we go somewhere different each year. We've been to California, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, and Washington. Not everyone makes it each year. This year there were only 6 of us. We met in Seattle, WA at Danielle's house. The six that were able to make it were: Heather, Rochelle, Meridee, Danielle, Emily, and me. Like all of our get-togethers, this one was no different. We did plenty of veggin' out, playing games, and eating out. We got our competition on playing the Nintendo Wii and Dance Revolution. Meridee basically kicked all of our butts on the Wii, and I took over the dance floor. One day was spent touring where one of my favorite events took place. Rochelle did some fish huckin'. Or should I say, fish catching at the martket. In order to watch some fish huckin', someone in the crowd had to buy a fish. No one was stepping up to the plate, so Rochelle decided to do it. Why not? You only do it once right? So $70 later, Rochelle caught herself a beautiful salmon and some crab to go along with it. Check out the video I took on my camera. (sorry, there's no sound)

It was also classic watching her get fish guts splattered all over her while watching the guy show off for the crowd. (I failed to get that documented.) We had a great time downtown and had fun shopping and eating fish and chips. Excessive eating seemed to be a reoccuring theme of our weekend. We also love doing our "favorite thing" gift exchange. We each bring a favorite thing, enough for everyone, and then we each go home with one of each of everyone's favorite thing. This year's gifts were: Emily-a mommy journal, bath glove, and water bottle. Danielle-See's Chocolate Candy gift certificate (which I won) and candy. Rochelle-flower magnets, candle, paper. Meridee-lip gloss. Heather-Reed diffuser (fragrance oil). Kanani-Craft keeper, cards, stamp with ink pad, candy bar, scrapbook stuff. It's always fun to get sweet loot. There were no Big Foot spottings to be had, but we did get to experience all the rain that Seattle has to offer the day we were leaving.

We, I guess I should speak for myself, I had a great time catching up and having some actual adult conversation with someone older than 6 years old. I always look forward to getting together with great friends for good conversations, and tons of fun. I always leave inspired, motived, and ready to face life. I have been blessed to have such great friends and influences in my life.


khepworth said...

I don't think the video of Rochelle's fish catching experience is working. I really don't know how to do it. If anyone does, please let me know.
Thanks! Kanani

The Clark said...

try uploading it to you tube (create an account, upload, publish for the public and then cut & paste html into your post). that's how i do it.

fun weekend. cute girls!

Rochelle said...

love it. I think are your pics are way cute.


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