Saturday, March 2, 2013

{Lake to Lake}

It's a BIRD, it's a PLANE, it's............KURT!

Upon getting ready to leave for his race, Kurt walked out the door looking like this. 
"You always need a good stretch before a race. Don't want to pull a hami."

The looks on Chris and Joseph's faces......priceless.


Not wanting to scare his teammates off, he went in and changed.  Ha, ha.
The Fantastic 5.
Jeremy, Nick, Kurt, Joseph, Chris

Kurt and some guys from our neighborhood teamed up and ran the Lake to Lake relay in St. George, UT.  It's a 50 mile relay race consisting of a team of 5 people, each person running 2 legs of 5 miles each. 

Here's Kurt on his last leg.  It was uphill and it was hot.  He was so glad when the guys drove by and gave him some water.

At the finish line.  Nick ran the last leg.  They all ran the last little bit with him across the finish line.  Except Nick was so focused on catching and passing a girl that he had been trailing, he just kept booking it and didn't notice that his teammates were trying to keep up with him so they could cross the finish line together.  Lol.

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The Clark said...

HA! That's so Kurt. Give him a high five for me. This makes me miss you guys!


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