Saturday, January 26, 2013


Andrew was staying the night with us, and so we invited the other sibs over for a little get together.  We sent Kurt out for the junkfood and he came back with licorice, pringles, and hershey kisses.  Hershey Kisses..... We gave him a hard time, as we thought there were waaaay better choices than Hershey Kisses.  You know like peanut m & m's, or Reeses Pieces, or even Sour Patch Kids.
Our Hedbandz game got intense.  Owen had a geat time playing with the big guys.  Kurt was stuck forever trying to guess his card, bee.  This is a must have game to have in your game closet.  It's great for both kids and adults alike.


Unknown said...

I think I got you guys that game for Christmas one year....I knew Kurt would love it.:)

khepworth said...

Helena, I think you did. It is a good one. We play it the most.


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