Monday, October 8, 2012

{Weim Dogg Is In Da House}

Kurt brought Paul home to hang out for a little bit tonight.  It's always pleasant to see Paul.  We don't get to see him often as he lives in London.  Kurt LOVES it when he comes to town.  We plotted and schemed about getting over there to visit. 

I learned that Paul has taken up a new hobby as a bee keeper and he harvests and sales honey.  He currently has two beehives up on the roof of his flat.  Think I'm joking.  I'm not.  I didn't believe him either.
This picture is of Paul telling the boys that when they turn 17 they can come visit him.  He laid down 3 very strict rules: 
#1.  We will not do any chores.
#2.  We will eat out for every meal.
#3.  All the girls have to go home by 6:00.........a.m.
Paul.... Paul.... Paul!
So good to see you!

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