Sunday, October 7, 2012

{Weekly Randomness}

*Kurt is learning a new song on the guitar.  I like it alot.

*Lisa took the boys for an overnighter.  Oh the quiet.  I listened, really still-ly, I heard absolutely NOTHING.  aaaahhhhh.

*Katie brought her beau, Steven, over.  A pleasant guy.  They are cute and in love and stuff.

*My parents finished up their mission in Martin's Cove.  They went straight from Wyoming to Nauvoo for two weeks, where they visited their old stomping grounds from their previous mission.  Wendi and the kids met up with them there. 

*Eli is starting to articulate things really well.  As Finn was sleeping he says (whispering),  "We have to be super kaiet, and tip toe because Finn is sleeping.  Shhhh."  It's pretty cute.

*I've been doing not so great with eating this week.  I hadn't gone grocery shopping and that's what did me in.  Ate like crap.  I weigh in on Tuesday.......

*I swear my house can't stay cleaner than 12 hours.  And that's if the kids are sleeping.  It's frustrating.

*Kurt's friend, Paul, has been in town from London.  Kurt loves it when he's in town.

*We attended the baptism of Shain and Avery Salmon.  It was a great baptism.  Alot of Kurt's cousins were there.  It was great to visit with them.  Afterward we went and got some pizza and went and hung out at Sarah Nitta's house and visited.  After finally getting to sit down, I got super tired.  Sorry, Sarah.  I was a little bit out of it.

*Isaac has been playing flag football.  He is awesome.  He is pretty athletic and is a great quarterback.  It's fun to watch him play. 

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