Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{Kurt The Dirt}

Hey, Hey, It's Your Birthday!!!

I had to put this picture on.  Sorry, Pat. Sorry Mom.
We laugh out loud at this picture.  And no, our kids have not seen it.
"I got to get a picture, Smile, I'ts your birthday!"
Nothing like a big ol' birdie finger flipped right at you, front and center.
If you take offense to this picture, don't.
You had to be there.
"I kid, I joke."

Apparently,he doesn't like getting older......Dirty Bird.

Kurt got a music stand to hold his music while he plays his guitar AND a harmonica holder so he can play his guitar AND play his harmonica at the same time.  AWESOME!
Poor guy.  All we had were pink candles.....
Kurt the Dirt? 
When Kurt was little his nick name was Kurt The Dirt because he was always dirty.  Story Checks Out.

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cort said...

Happy Birthday Homey! I have been loving the blog guys.


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