Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{Pretty Trashy}

Once a year our city puts large trash containers out on every street so people can get rid of their large ticket trash items.  This was our chance to get rid of the large huge rocks that lined our flower bed.  One by one Kurt dug them up, loaded up the wheelbarrow, and chucked them up into the dumpster(s).  This was no easy feat as most of these rocks were pretty large.  Our neighbor must have felt sorry for Kurt, because he came out and helped him.  Thank goodness!  There was no way Kurt could have done it himself.  And I was useless.                                                                                                              
After chucking about 20+ rocks into two of the dumpsters, my neighbor, Melissa, told me that last year my other neighbor was told that he had to retrieve all of his rocks and dirt that he threw in the dumpsters because he had put so much in them that they could not lift the dumpsters up onto their trucks to move them.  GREAT!  There was no way we wanted that to happen to us.....

Here's Kurt and our neighbor, Jeremy, getting the last rock.  The biggest of the bunch.  As you can see it is huge.  It's as big as the wheelbarrow.
After they got it into the wheelbarrow, Kurt asked around the neighborhood to see if anyone needed a prayer rock.  Ha, ha!  He didn't get any takers.

They ended up recruiting another neighbor to help them heave it up into the dumpster.
They almost dropped it in that third picture.  Yikes! 

The next morning when the city came to pick up their containers, I peeked out the window to see if they were able to load them onto their trucks.  YES!  They got them.  We would not be retrieving our trashy rocks.

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