Sunday, August 19, 2012

{Love Thy Brother.....}

It's been one of those days.  The boys all bugging each other, fighting, screaming, crying, teasing, taunting...... 

You've earned yourselves some "Practice Time"!

They had to sit on the couch with their arms folded, feet on the ground, and no talking.  In order to get off the couch they had to do it for 10 minutes.  And once they did it for 10 minutes they had to write down 20 things that they could say or do that would be nice for their brothers.

It took 30 minutes for the first kid to get off the couch, 40 minutes for the next, and 45 for the last kid.  It was just too hard to sit there and not to be able to put a jab in or kick someone.

 After they made they made their lists we went over them.  Isaac decided he was going to start saying please and do better at sharing, and Owen decided that he was going to say thank you and stop slapping.  Slapping?!  Apparently he has slapped Isaac a couple of times while fighting.  The things you learn as a mom.  Well, I'm glad that he chose that one to work on!  And Gavin, bless his heart.  When his 10 minutes were up I told him that he could go make his list.  He sat there and said, "But I can only think of 3 things."  Unfortunately, he had to sit there a little bit longer.  Finally I told him he only had to write 10 thngs, which caused a rift with Owen.  But somehow that kid snuck off and fell asleep for the night getting off the hook....

We will see what tomorrow brings.  My boys LOVE IT when I make them do practice time.

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Jon and Melissa said...

Baa haa so glad to hear that it is not just my family. Such a great mother to stick to your guns-sounds like you went through more torture than they did:)


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