Sunday, June 17, 2012

{The ma's & pa's come for a visit}

When Pat heard that Finn was born she said, "Come on Artell, you're driving me to Utah."  Although he had several obligations, Artell did drive Pat down, dropped her off, spent a few hours visiting with us at the hospital, and hit the road early the next morning to return to Rexburg to fulfill his obligations.  Now there's a man who loves his wife, family, and the open road.

Kurt and I were especially grateful that his dad made the trek.  Their presence was much needed during those few short hours after Finn was born. 

Pat has been here for nine days now.  She has made it her duty to do as much cleaning, cooking, and kid wrangling as possible.  I have to admit I do feel a little guilty, but I am taking advantage of it while I can. 

She's so brave- she made cupcakes and let the kids frost and decorate them.

Three days after Finn was born, my parents, who are on their mission, found someone to take their shift for them.  They then made the 6 hour drive from Wyoming to spend 37 hours with us and to meet Finn, then drove 6 hours back to return to their shift a day later. 

We are so grateful to our parents for seeing the need that we had and being here to support us.  Sometimes you just need your Mom and Dad to make everything seem/feel better.


Jon and Melissa said...

What awesome family you have! So glad that your parents could come visit and for a sweet M-I-L to help in a time of need. Can't wait to hear more updates. Is Finn still in the NICU? We are praying for that sweet little guy and for your family.

Taylor's said...

I must say ... you and Kurt do have Ah-Maz-Ing families!

And don't feel like you have taken advantage . . . I would thank my Mom over and over again and she finally said to me, "Catherine, one day when your children have their children, you will pick up and do the exact same thing. You can repay the act then!"

I must say you two make handsome little men!

Meridee said...

So sweet! You both have awesome families. What cute pictures!

Alicia said...

Totally brought tears to my eyes to see your dad hold your son. He looks like such a wonderful father. How awesome for grandparents to show such support! I love your little man. He has a special place in my heart. I'm glad you guys got a mower. That's awesome!


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