Monday, January 23, 2012

{Self Diagnosis}

I am nearing the mark of being halfway through this pregnancy. Hitting the second trimester, the sickness finally began to wear off. But it keeps coming and going. It seems as if I am more sick than well these days. Because I feel nauseated I attributed it to being pregnant. But I have decided that my being pregnant is not the culprit, but just an added symptom.

After feeling nauseous and trying to sleep it off only to find myself still feeling nauseated and dizzy when I wake up, I have self diagnosed my symptoms to the return of my labyrinthitis.

Yes, I think it's back. Light hurts my eyes/head in the morning after waking up. I feel pressure in/behind my eyes that make me dizzy. Because the pressure in my eyes make me dizzy I automatically feel nauseous. The beeping sound of the alarm really makes my head pound. Constant loud noise does the same thing, i.e. kids or t.v. being loud. Sleep helps, but waking up really sucks because it offers no relief when I have to get up, the symptoms are still there.
I now have something to blame my lack of motivation to clean, cook, or do anything for that matter on this detested stint of motion sickness.

I looked back through my blog this morning to see what I had wrote about it when I last got it and what did I find..........I wrote about it on January 23, 2011 exactly one year ago. Upon reading more posts on my blog, I wrote on February 16th, that it had finally ran it's course and was gone.


This could be another long ride. But I hope not. Luckily this time it comes and goes. It is not constant day in and day out like it was last time. Coming and going though, it's still no fun. Now where are my seabands?

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Taylor's said...

Just remember this is terminal - it does have an end! I totally feel your pain - I remember it is never fun!


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