Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can I get a thir-TEEN

{Woot. Woot.}

Thirteen years and still in L♥VE.

When asked what our secret is, "Don't be mean."


We set out for a lovely dinner at the Olive Garden followed by hitting a bucket of balls at Mulligans. Just as I was to hit my last ball, my phone rang. I'm assuming by the look Kurt gave me, it probably isn't "proper" golf etiquette to leave your ringer on. Whoops.

Isaac called to tell me that Eli had a dukey and that it was up his back. I was glad I hit my last ball, because I was on the phone for 20 minutes straight giving Isaac a play by play of the best way to go about cleaning up the problem.


After 13 years, it's been a great ride. Definitely looking forward to the future and the journey that lies ahead.


Carpenter's said...

Congratulations you two!! What a great couple of friends we have!

Taylor's said...

I seriously love the relationship the two of you have! You guys act like you are in high school, but yet still have kids - I love it! I love - don't be mean!

And I have to say that I LOVED how being a parent trumped your anniversary in some way!


khepworth said...

Thanks Court!

Cat-I think parenting will forever trump anything....Thanks for the nice commment!


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