Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekly Random-ness

*This last week has flown by.

*We have been night owls and have been staying up very late. Can you say sleep deprived.

*We have been working on Gavin & Eli's room. We are almost finished.


*We have some fun things planned this month. It will be very busy, but very fun. Lagoon, Idaho, California, bbq's, & guest visitors.

*The kids get out of school next week.

*Gavin keeps asking me questions about the Civil War. "Who was the first person to ever die in the Civil War." "Was I born during the Civil War?" "When was the Civil War?" ????? How does a five year old even know what the Civil War is? Sadly I could only answer 1 of his 3 questions.

*Isaac told me that some of the boys in his class have crushes on girls and that they asked them to goto their soccer game. His thoughts as he laughs a giddy laugh: "It's gross and that they're too young."

*Wendy's Frosty's and Reese's Pieces is where it's at.

*I wish I had a self cleaning house.

*Pictures from the archive: Thanksgiving 2007

Auntie Lisa with Gavin and Owen watching the turkey bowl

Turkey Bowl: Kurt, Paul, Kade

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