Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sillhouette Cutter

For a while now, (a year or two) I have been coveting/wanting a vinyl cutter. While I'm not one for plastering vinyl sayings all over my house, there have just been too many times that a vinyl cutter woulda/coulda came in handy.

A couple of weeks ago, all over blog land, everyone had a special that was linked up to the Sillhouette to get it for an great price. I sheepishly told Kurt that I wanted it (but couldn't justify the money). When I told him how much it was, he laughed as he was waiting to hear something to the sound of a thousand dollars. When he heard hundreds he laughed, and said, "Sweetheart, get it."

And I Did!


I put it to use the second I got it. I had two Student of the week posters to make.

A chore chart to finish.

And last night I made these for the boys.

This machine is awesome! Not only does it cut vinyl, but it cuts cardstock and fabric too. And the absolute best thing about doesn't need any cartridges that you have to store. It stores everything right there on your computer. And graphics are a mere .99 cents.

It's the best present that I've bought myself in a long time.


Toby and Tammy said...

Love my cricut and I don't use cartridges either. Have you heard of Sure Cuts A Lot? It's a program that allows you to create anything and you don't have to keep paying $ to get images/lettering that you like. I'm pretty sure it works with a Sillhouette. You should check out the website, to see if it will work.
Love the crafts you created so far.

ps-I'm Jessica (walker) Smith's cousin, just so you know I'm not some crazy stalker!!!

Megan B ♥ said...

GAH! I have never ever wanted one before. Until now. THANKS A LOT.

The Clayburn Family said...

I want one. I doubt Matt will give me the same response when I ask like Kurt did. Can I borrow Kurt? haha

Your projects are AWESOME!

The Haley Family said...

so, where did you find the best deal??

khepworth said...

Alli-a lady in my ward bought 20 of them and got a "bulk" price at $20.00 each. I bought one off of her, and "copied" and made my own cards and boards for my other two kids. $60 for all of my boys was just too much.

khepworth said...

sorry alli-i was thinking you were talking about the chore charts....(the sillhouette) I saw it on the house of smiths blog, but there were a bunch of blogs that were running the same special.

Tammy-thanks for the tip, i will check it out.


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