Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Year of the organizer. Day 9

For the past 9 days my friend, Courtney, has been doing a 21 day organizing challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemon's blog. I have been doing some of the challenges as I read Courtney's blog, but I have decided to join in on the fun and and link up!

Because I am just starting late I will start on day 9 and catch up on past challenges.

Today' Challenge: Organize your childrens toys. If you dont have children, you can organize a hobby area of yours.

When we moved into our home (which was recently) we knew we needed a different way to organize our kids' toys. We found our solution at Ikea. We purchased five Trofast section organizers and put them together to make one long storage unit. It has been AWESOME!

Because it is so awesome, I don't have a before picture to post because the kids actually keep the toys in the bins. Imagine that! (ok, at least most of the time.)

Everything that doesn't fit into the bins (bigger items) we put in a large plastic tub.

This is what we were using before we moved. It just wasn't big enough. In addition, we had large tubs that everything just got thrown into and it was just one big heap of toys. CHOAS if you will.

My husband built a shelf to go across the top all of the individual sections. We then lined the shelf with Lego sheets and made it into a Lego table. (My husband saw this idea in a magazine.) It has worked really well. We still need to glue down some Lego strips across the back, fill in the nail holes, and give it a fresh coat of paint; but that's another project for another day;)

I had vinyl labels made for the front of the bins which really help keep things in the right places.
This system has been a life saver for my sanity. It works for us!


Toni said...

This a fabulous organization!! Thanks for linking up to my challenge. :) Toni

Kira said...

I love this! Like, big fat puffy heart, love it. I also have four little boys and their toys are out of control. I've been on the lookout for just the "right" system to corral the stuff, and this might be it. I sure wish I had an Ikea close by. The lego strips on the top just MAKE the thing. My kids would go nuts.

So clever. Thanks for linking up!

Amanda said...

great toy storage!!

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

I love Ikea too {we live just three blocks away from ours} and all their great organizing stuff. And your Lego top is genius! I love to organize so I like seeing great new ideas, too!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

V said...

I came to you from Toni's site. I'm an Ikea addict and the second I saw your link I had to check it out.

I love the Trofast system but have yet to make the plunge. It is nice to see it in action.

Michelle@Sustainably Chic Designs said...

I just LOVE your system! How clever that you used the top for a Lego table!!!


Carpenter's said...

Congrats on linking up and now you can take over for me :) Okay okay I am going to attempt to keep it up.

Colleen said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your organization is great here.

queenbee1994 said...

This is fantastic. I wish IKEA was closer than 2.5 hours. Great idea with the legos.

Kira said...

I just wanted to let you know that I wrote a post tonight featuring my favorites from the toy organizing challenge, and I linked to you! You did such a great job.

Autumn said...

I love your labels and how you used one color for all the bins. It looks so streamlined!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Love it ! I just came across Bowl Full of Lemons tonight and I had to check out this toy organizing banaza since I've been trying to figure out my kids toys since we moved in 4 years ago! I love the stream lined look to this. I'm going to look further into this . Thanks!

Peta said...

I love it! What an awesome idea with the lego mats.
This is definitely on my to do list.

jhon haverd said...

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