Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Blog Stalker:

December can not come soon enough. My husband needs to put some time on the time clock.

My house needs christmas lights put up, but I guess I will have to call what's his name. I'm sure he'll be doing something more important like getting married or something like that.

I hear there's new royalty coming to town. My boys have been known to be a royal pain in the you know what, and I still warn them of what's to come when they see you.

I hope you are well. And I hope that you will grace us with your presence. It is always a pleasure and a bowl full of laughs.

The girl you ran off the road with Dirty sitting in the back seat.

P.S. I have someone I need to send to you to work the land that you are preserving for those who need to blow smoke.


Meridee said...

What the?

Anonymous said...

December 10th..the blogwtalker will arrive with bells-on.

miss you guys

khepworth said...

Let the countdown begin.


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