Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lofty Loop

Kurt and the boys early Labor Day morning heading out to hike the Lofty Loop Trail in the Uintas. See that machete in Isaac's hand. He found it on his last hike and thinks he is king of the trail. He carries it around like it's nothing. Auntie Katie came along too!The hike was 5 miles total. The boys hiked liked champs, even Gavin.The freezing cold Lofty Loop Lake.Kurt told the boys that he would give them $6 bucks to go skinny-dipping, or $5 bucks to dunk their head in the water. He didn't have any takers..... Pushing over dead trees. Always a fun thing to do! Eating Frosty's after a long day of hiking.
I stayed home with Eli, as I was still recovering from pneumonia.

1 comment:

cort said...

Looks like a fun hike. I want to do that one day. Kurt we need to talk.


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