Friday, September 4, 2009

The Detes

Drama City-
The week before I went into labor the drama just kept coming.
First it started with Owen, then it crept its way into my life, moved onto Isaac, then Gavin, and lastly onto Kurt, and then made it's way back to Gavin. It left us all with a touch of the 'ria (if you know what I mean) and puking for hours on end.

Owen cried to endure his time. Me, I just sat on the couch with a scowl on my face. Isaac-he took it like a man, as did Kurt. Little Gav-the poor kid tried so hard to "GET IT IN THE BOWL".

The 2 days I was sick were the 2 worst days of my entire pregnancy. During our Flu Fest school started along with carpooling, my mom had surgery as did Kurt's Aunt, a brother returned from home from Afghanistan, one brother got engaged, a job was lost, our downstairs basement flooded with water, our house/bills/yard/everything have never been so chaotically out of control messy, I went into labor and not one but 2 babies were born 2 days apart. There was a lot going on. Oh, the drama.

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