Wednesday, July 22, 2009

15 years............

But who's counting?

Last weekend Kurt and I attended our 15 year High School reunion. Since we both went to the same school, it wasn't like I dragged him along for the ride; which was nice for both of us.

I believe I was the only pregnant one there. I defininately stood out.

Here I am with my High School GIRLS. We still get together once a year for a weekend of girl only time-no husbands, no kids. There are about 5 missing from this picture that didn't make it to the reunion.

Random pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Here is some of Kurt's posse (a.k.a. the Wolverines) and their spouses. I am a Wolverine by marriage.
I tried to get this picture bigger but it just wasn't having it.
This picture was taken towards the end of the night. Some people had already left. The turn out at the reunion was ok, about 50 or so people.
Our summary of the reunion:
*All the girls got hotter/cuter since highschool.
*The guys-for the most part looked great, but the girls turned it on way more.
*Everyone was really sociable and friendly-even if you didn't really hang back in the day.
*It was worth the drive to hang out with the Class of '94.


Meridee said...

You took some great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Have you recovered from the all nighter? Good luck with the next few weeks. Hugs.

Carpenter's said...

Your baby bump is super cute!! I can't wait to see that lil man. You guys look great.

Brittney said...

You need to go back and put names under each picture. I seriously only recognized about 5 people in any of those pictures. I guess that's what 15 years does to folks. I think you're right about the girls get cuter theory. Every girl really did seem so cute (even if I didn't have a clue who they were) :)

The Clark said...

seriously i am with you that everyone looks better than they did in high school. even at 8.5 months preggers!


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