Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eight is Great!

The last day of school was a great day for Isaac. When he got home he was greeted by family who came to be here for his baptism.

We've hit the eight year milestone at our house. He really is growing fast. His loves right now are basketball, Pokemon cards, & playing with friends. Man, I felt like an old fart as I was sewing scout badges on his scout shirt.

Highlights (or lowlights) of the weekend:
*You know you are loved if your family is willing to travel 4 hours to attend a baptism, eat some dinner, and then hit the road traveling another 4 hours to get back home all in the same day.

*Mouse Trap Talk given at baptism. Seriously, the lady set off mouse traps in the chapel.

*Part of the freeway was completely shut down. We thought some wouldn't make it on time.

*Cafe' Rio Pork Salads........mmmmm

*Seeing all of the cousins together.

*Mother Nature cooperated and was nice to us.

*Overall, an Awesome weekend!


Carpenter's said...

Gosh I can't believe Isaac is already 8!! Happy Birthday I!

Talking about milestones aren't you in the 3rd trimester? where's the prego pics. Come on!

The Kraus House said...

Congrats on the eight mile stone. Did you tear up with the baptism, I think I will. I know I will. hope all is well with our good friends, hope you are feeling well you gorgeous thing.
luv nat

Kris said...

I cannot believe he is 8 already! I'm sure it doesn't seem as fast for you cause you live with him, but it seems like just a year or two ago he was a baby. Congrats!


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