Monday, April 6, 2009

Woman on a Mission the day.

To get some stuff done.

On the list:
* Get dressed from head to toe.
Here I am in all my pregnant glory & I'm not even 18 weeks yet! I blame it on the fact that I've already had 3 kids. HA!
* Buy stamps/mail bills.
* Paint picture frame and hang it.
* Make cookies for a neighbor and return their plate.
* Put pictures in the empty frame that's been hanging on the wall for months now.
* Pay the kids their allowance from last week.
* Make money envelopes for kids' allowance.
* Make mail pails for the family.
* Finish dehydrating lemons and limes.
* Email Heather for bread recipe. emailed D, still waiting for a reply.
* Goto Smith's and buy the cheese they have on sale.
* Take junk to the D.I.
* Get rose clippings into the garbage can.
* Cut Mr. Kurtosis' hair, then give him a bath.
Wish me luck.
~~11 out of 14-Not too bad for a days worth of work (for me).


Carpenter's said...

Email Courtney and tell her what is happening with the fam and share some baby news.....

Clinton and Jessica said...

quite the list, I only try to keep two or three items on mine so I actually feel like I accomplished something! I'll try your way next time. good luck....and it was fun seeing you guys a few weeks back!

Brittney said...

So cute...I have NEVER seen you pregnant before. Thanks for sharing!

Cute projects you have in the works. I feel like I've lost all my creative juices. I need to follow your lead and get back into it! AND dehydrating lemons and limes? I've never heard of that. What do you do with them after they're dehydrated. That's not one of those things that I would ever whip out and snack on. Very interesting!

khepworth said...

Sweetcheeks: Lemons and limes. Purely decorative. Plus I love the way they smell.

Clinton and Jessica said...

you're amazing...and I love your decorations

Brittany Kaaiakamanu said...

I still think you look amazing for 18 weeks and the only reason you're showing so much is bcuz you're so dang skinny. Not fair !!!!

Carpenter's said...

You look super cute Kanani!!

Rochelle said...

ummmm...holy snap!

Meridee said...

I love your frames! You look so cute.

Lee Family said...

Miss Kanani, you are so creative. Can you please tell me how to make those envelopes for saving, spending, and tithing. I guess what I'm wondering is what the case is that the envelopes stand up in??
Martha Stewart's got nothing on you.

Ashley Thalman said...

Just popped in to say hello and see how your pregnancy was going! So happy to see my pics on your wall and see that all is well with you!


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