Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Shmuck stole Mr. Hepworth's cell phone. If you need to get a hold of him, you can email him at kphepworth@yahoo.com or call my cell phone until we get things figured out.

Something to note: should your cell phone ever get stolen, call your provider and have them stop/suspend your account asap. Aside from pawning your stolen phone for money. The Shmuck who stole it could very well use your phone and rack up a nice bill full of long distance phone charges, and who knows what else.


The Kraus House said...

tell Kurt thanks for his comment. I gave Kade a swift yet frim kick to the boys and I feel great. Totally inspired. So thanks again.

luv nat

Taylor's said...

That sucks!

Jeff had the same thing happen and 4 days later our provider call and said they have his phone!

Hopefully that will happen to you guys too!

cort said...

so sucky! so sorry! I am enjoying the new phone though thanks:)

My Three Sons said...

That stinks!

One of the times that Joseph was in the hospital Vern was in his hospital room with a laptop and our camera. The nurses came to escort Vern and Joseph to the O.R. and Vern put the laptop and camera in his backpack and hid it behind a chair. When we got back from surgery both our camera (with tons of photos on it, including a photo of Vern lifting weights in his tighty whities~he'll kill me for typing that!) and the laptop were gone. Hospital security tried and tried to find the thief, but to no avail. It's too bad we live among so many dishonest people!

Nelson said...

What a shmuck!


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