Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little bit of B & B

Basketball & Bowling.
We had the opportunity to go see the Harlem Globe Trotters when they were in town.
I. P. couldn't get enough of it. It was a fun show to watch.

This picure made the news that night as they were showing highlights of the show.

While in Rexburg town, we went bowling with 2 of my brothers, my sister, and their kids.

Anytime Mr. Kurtosis would knock over a pin, this was his reaction. Love it!

Mr. Hepworth after bowling a strike.

We had an escapee.

My Brother and his new wife.

Uncle Bingo hit the jackpot when he won 150 tickets doing the jumping game.


Taylor's said...

How fun!

I almost emailed you to see if that was your cute family on the news! I was right!

Mrs. Olsen said...

I was hoping to catch a pic of Justin? Where is he at nowadays and what's he up to?

Julie said...

Hi Kanani,
Don't you just love the internet? And Ashley Thalman? I adore her. She married into a family I have known for a long time. You're pictures were absolutely amazing. Your boys are adorable. Hope all is well.

The Clark said...

you can't be so hot when you are pregnant.


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