Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's the LiTtLe THinGs

Who would have thought that socks could bring so much joy to ones life?

A while back on our 10 year wedding anniversary, we were in the mall window shopping. Kurt walked into Banana Republic and saw that they were having a sale. Because we were still on a Resident's salary, instead of opting for the $100 pair of chino's, he settled for the $2 socks they had marked down from $15. He loaded up and hasn't regretted it since.

After a hard days work, while sitting on the couch, Dr. Hepworth will say, "Man these are the COOLEST socks EVER! The comfort factor is like a 10 and they just look cool! Don't you think they look Awesome, Babe. They totally make my outfit." All the while he is lifting up his pant legs showing off his multi-colored gems.

Who wudda thought? Socks......


Lori Ann said...

Aren't the little things in life just the best!

The Kraus House said...

missin you guys, can we hang soon?


Whetton Family said...

hahaha! Isn't it great that they are pleased so easily!

So we are still here in the MH ward and loving it, but can't wait to be done with school and move on with our lives. We have a little over a year and a half left WAHOO!

It is so nice that you have a blog to see what's goin on with you guys!


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