Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not the first day

but the third day.Unfortunately, I was not feeling well on the first day of school. I did manage to get Isaac out the door and to school on time though. Here is my little dude on the third day of school. This year's theme: The Incredible Hulk. You know how your kid has to have......well, for Isaac is it the Incredible Hulk. Backpack and shoes.

The first day of school seems to be a big milestone in the life of a mother. It can be something bitter, so as to sending your child "into the lions den." Somewhat of a scary feeling. Or it can be something sweet, so as to getting a few quiet hours to ones self. For me, it is more of the latter. I love my boys, but I also love quiet. Owen starts next week. He can't wait, and neither can I.


Rochelle said...

I agree that I relish the quiet time.
Did I mention I like it alot?

My Three Sons said...

I love the first day of school!! Increadible Hulk backpack and shoes are a must for any elementary school boy, right? Chase is still begging me for flashing, lighted Spiderman shoes :)


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