Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation Part THREE

At this point in our vacation excursion, things have been great. Very low maintenance, no plans, very little driving, lots of relaxing. Just Great!

Monday morning we packed up and started the third leg of our get-away to Bear Lake. It was a beautiful drive. The boys played a game of Pooh Sticks while we stopped to eat our picnic lunch.

When we saw the lake we were in love. We've never been there before. It was awesome because I didn't have to worry about watching the boys every second. The water was shallow and didn't get deep until you walked out quite a ways. Any mom's dream! They loved playing and digging in the sand. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I lay basking in the sun the whole time we were there. We had a fabulous time and will definitely be returning.

My favorite picture of the trip, My Boys.

On the way home we drove through Logan and stopped to visit our friends, Jon and Melissa. They were great, as it was an impromptu call. They had dinner ready when we got there, and boys loved playing with their son. Henry. We hung out for a while and finally hit the road to our final destination-HOME. We had an awesome week, and enjoyed every minute of it.


Christie said...

How do you get ur sidebar to show that last time someone posted? Thats a cool idea;)
Pa. Looks like you guys are having good times on you vacay!

Jon and Melissa said...

We loved having you guys over-especially since we missed out on the big Madison High get together! Your boys were so great to Henry and he loved playing with "his boys." We will have to do it again sometime. Maybe if you move to Logan! ha

khepworth said...

Christie: Add a page element and add "blog list". It's a new element. It is a little time consuming to transfer everything over tho.

Clinton and Jessica said...

That is a pretty cool picture of the boys, I love the black and white effect. Sounds like a great trip!


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