Sunday, June 29, 2008

Power Outage

This morning as I just finished washing my hair, the power went out. didn't come back on. When we got to church there was no power there either. It was nice to see that I wasn't the only one with hair still air-drying. We had primary, but 3/4 of the way through we were told that we would be going to sacrament meeting and then church would be over. Sacrament meeting was pleasant I thought. The curtains were all open to let some light in, and anyone who spoke had to speak loudly. It did get get a little warm in there. After the sacrament was administered, instead of having speakers for the day, they asked a few people to come up and tell about their favorite hymn and then we sung it. So we sung for the hour and then returned to our homes. Once home, the power was still off. We went downstairs, as our basement stays rather cool, and tried to teach Owen and Isaac how to stand on their heads. First we showed them how to balance on their head with their knees resting on their elbows. It was super funny and we laughed until we cried as Gavin thought it would be fun to pinch their little bums and make them fall over. Needless to say, none of them were successful. While sitting there talking the power came back on. It was off for about 5 hours.

With the power being out it totally reminded me of when we were living in St. Louis and the power went out for 4 days at our house and in other places up to 6 days. This happened on more than one occassion. We were able to experience power outages in the middle of the freezing cold winter and in the middle of the blistering hot summer. We decided we would rather have the power go out in the winter. The summer was treturous. On day 2 we decided that we couldn't take it any longer. We threw away all the food from our fridge and freezer, packed up the car and drove 24 hours to Rexburg.

I am reminded and prompted me of how important it is to be prepared. Should something happen and there is no power for several days,
I am trying to complete my 72 hour kits. I have food, which needs to be rotated, but I have nothing else in my kits. Right now I am working on getting clothing and bedding for each kit. I am working in baby steps and am posting my steps here. We have been told over and over to be prepared. I still have work to do. But I am working on it.


The Kraus House said...

Hey you crazy kids! So are you still going up to canada, or are you coming to rexburg? We luv ya and mizz ya tons. give us a call.

luv nat

Anonymous said...

With all these stroms we keep losing power and the hardware store was out of generators. My husband searched and found one at we should now have the power needed when the next unexpected outage comes. The generator will keep the lights on, food cold and our air conditioning working. Hopefully the generator will also keep our sump pump working to protect the basement from flooding.

Steph said...

I agree that church was way fun with the lights out. Although not so much fun with the air out!!

Jon and Melissa said...

I know I am kind of feeling the end of the world need to get prepared, the Prophets have been telling us forever urgency too. I have been working little by little on emergency prep stuff too. Just got a really cool financial binder that holds a lot of great stuff I never thought about. Interesting.

S.K. said...

Hey Kanani! I found your blog through a St. Louis friend, so thought I'd say hello. Cute blog, your boys are getting so big! We just finished our 72 hour kits. It's a big project, but feels really good to have them done. Good luck!


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