Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Atlanta Follow Up

Hot'Lanta was fantastic! It really wan't that hot though. It was just perfect-mid 80's I'd guess, and the humidity mild. Georgia was lush and beautiful. All of the houses were so cute. They were tall, and had that old colonial feel to them, only more modern. I loved them. It had a clean feeling, and everyone had big 'ol porches with rocking chairs on them. The neighbors were spread out, not 10 feet away from each other. Wide open spaces. I think I could live there.

I had a great time reuniting with some fascinating people. We come from different parts of the country and we each have something different to offer. It's so great when you know you have tapped into lines that motivate and inspire you to do better. I have some wonderful friends whom I truly love and know that we will remain friends for life.

Our get togethers consist pretty much of just talking into the wee hours of the night every night until we have to go home. We cover every subject known to man. I have come away from this trip with a little piece from every person that was there. We were missing 5 this year. Six were in attendance.

I get motion sick (car sick) very easily, so I took the "less drowsy" formula Dramamine 2 hours before our plane landed. The stuff worked. I was a walking zombie the first night there. I don't recommend the stuff unless you have the sleeping time to put in.

Brittany took us to Rita's for some italian ice the first night we were there.

The first night we also did the exchanging of our favorite things.

Brittney: She treated us to Rita's Italian Ice. A favorite spot where her family enjoys going. (Very yummy.) And she loves Baskin Robins candies.

Sarah: a little gift bag with Lash Blast Mascara, A pamphlet of the constitution, a very yummy smelling candle, and Obama paraphernalia. Sarah is our political guru. She's not the biggest Obama fan. She must just be your "typical white person".

Emily: She gave us some scrumptious smelling body scrub, hand lotion, and sparkly lip gloss. Oh and a king size twix candy bar........which I already ate.

Danielle: Old books are her thing. She loves the way they look. And loves them for decoration. This book has a copyright of 1918.

Rochelle: Made each of us our own apron. Using her ingenuity, she cut open the back, used the extra fabric and made tie closures to close the back up. Sorry it looks so wrinkly. I just unpacked it.

Kanani: I failed to get a picture of my favorite thing which was a reversible bag that I made along with 2 things of post it notes, and an oral b spin head toothbrush. The post it notes and toothbrush are a result of my favorite thing to do which is cuponing. Got them all FREE! And the bag-shows my domestic side.

Day 2 was our "tour/outing" day.
Here we are at Season's 52. A fine place to dine. Each dish is only 475 calories!

After we ate, we went to the mall for some shopping. I made Sarah my personal shopper and got some really cute shirts. Here's one of them.

After we shopped we went to the Cheesecake Factory and got some cheesecake to go. We took and ate it outside on the grass next to the Atlanta temple at the annex building. I couldn't resist and got 2 pieces of Cheesecake. Plain which is my favorite, and the other snickers bar. And yes I ate both pieces. Not in the same night of course!
Here we are on the grounds next to the temple after eating our cheesecake.

I didn't have any pictures of day 3 or 4. Day 3 we went to church and then for a Sunday drive and walk. Day 4 was get up and travel home.

Random Pictures:

Little Miss Daisy-she seriously was soooo good the whole trip.

Britt was such a great host and fed us very well.

See you next year girls! Had a blast as usual. xoxoxo


Brittney said...

I liked some of your pics better than mine so I stole them. It was a ton of fun. I miss you guys already!

Danielle said...

I had so much fun, I think i appreciated this year the most, maybe i needed it more this year. I too really liked atlanta, and could easily live there, too bad it is so far away.

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend! How can the very act of conversing be so fulfilling? I loved every minute of the trip. And thanks for getting more than one item at Cheesecake factory. :)

Meridee said...

I totally missed out this year! But it was a lot of fun seeing you all last night! You and your hub rock!

Rochelle said...

Fun fun fun.
I loved the whole trip as well. I agree that we totally have kick "A" friends who are all so diverse. I love that about us! Great pictures.

emily b. said...

I'm already missing you all- good thing for the 4th- who's ready to play?

emily b. said...
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