Monday, May 5, 2008

Tooth Fairy

When I was growing up, and we lost a tooth, we would put our tooth in a cup full of water and set it on the bookshelf for the toothfairy to come. When the tooth fairy would come, she would take our tooth and leave the cup full of change. (You know, basically whatever pocket change she had laying around.)

Isaac went to the dentist over a week ago, and he is eagerly waiting to put his teeth under his pillow so the tooth fairy can come. Well, the toothfairy has been sick, and she doesn't carry cash. So I keep telling him that she is on vacation, and he'll have to wait a little longer.

She finally got some cash, but now I'm like, hmmm......what does our toothfairy do? Haven't really thought about it. How should she deliver the goods? And how much goods should she deliver? And what does the toothfairy do with the teeth? What does your toothfairy do??? I'm thinking I would like our toothfairy to be a little more creative than the toothfairy I knew growing up.

Isaac had 4 teeth removed at the dentist. They gave him these little teeth chests to hold his teeth in. I thought they were cute. When I was growing up, my dentist just wrapped them in gauze. I thought these chests were clever.

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emily b. said...

That's very cute! My babysitter was telling me a story about one of her boys that lost a tooth and the tooth fairy didn't come, and didn't come, he was getting so sad so eventually she said, honey I am so sorry- I am the toothfairy and I have been so tired. Well, needless to say, he completly understood, and from then on, he thought he was the coolest kid ever cuz his mom "WAS THE TOOTHFAIRY" and of course she was tired she had to go to hundreds of little kids houses all night everynight!

Danielle said...

I have forgotten twice with ethan to go do the tooth fairy thing, and he always comes in and says the tooth fairy didn't come. And I say maybe he couldn't find your tooth so let's go see. While he is looking all over for the possible places it could be. The tooth disappears and a golden dollar coin appears. Funny how that works. I know I am totally a lame mom, but hey the tooth fairy is tired.


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