Sunday, April 13, 2008

I sent Kurt to Walmart the other day to buy some chairs. While he was there he overheard this conversation.

A couple looking at chairs themselves:

Husband grabs a box of chairs.
Wife says: No sweetheart, we want black chairs.
Husband: These are black chairs.
Wife: No they're not, it says negro.
Husband: Honey......negro is black.
Wife: Oh! Ok then, lets get them.

I died laughing!


Clinton and Jessica said...

let me regain my! Thats about all I can say...WOW!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Wow I forget how uncommon that term is! Now that we moved away from STL we don't hear that word. :) Too funny!!

Courtney C.

Jon and Melissa said...

Too funny- We have been secretly visiting your blog for sometime now and have finally entered the blogging world-ours will never compare with the wit that the hepworths can provide, but if you care to check us out we are at

BRIAR said...

Are you joking me right now! That is really, really bad. Hilarious!

Rochelle said...

Ummmm, we do live in Utah folks. Lets not forget. I try to sometimes. That is pretty funny tho.

cort said...

Welcome to Utah!

Meridee said...

That is sooo funny!


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