Friday, January 11, 2008

Flashback Friday-U2 Birthday

Birthday Wish.

For the longest time one thing on my life's to-do list was to see U2 in concert. When I was 26 I told Kurt that if I hadn't seen them by the time I was 30, for my 30th birthday no matter where they were touring that's what I wanted for my birthday. Hey, if we had to goto England to see them..........then I guess we would have to goto England!

We were living in St. Louis and I was surfing the U2 website when I learned that they were going to be touring in the US. AND they were going to be coming to ST. Louis. Of course we got tickets-luckily. The concert sold out in 8 minutes. We opted for the medium price range tickets, which were pretty good seats. The concert was one month before my 30th birthday. It was also the night before one of Kurt's finals. Even though there was pressure to study, Kurt gave up his night. It was by far the COOLEST show I have ever been to. The energy was level was CRAZY, and the place was packed. The set up, lighting, and Bono were sooooo cool! Their setlist kicked and it was the best night ever!

This just goes to show that birthday wishes do come true.

BTW the next day on Kurt's final, A couple of the extra credit questions had to do with the U2 concert. Guess who else was at the concert-Kurt's teacher.

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Anonymous said...

Weren't you also in your 3rd trimester??!! Courtney


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