Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Phantom Ghost

The other night, we found a box of goodies sitting on our doorstep with a halloween poem. The poem basically says, You've been hit by the phantom ghost, now it's your turn to leave some goodies on 2 other people's doorsteps and run away before they see you. Put this ghost (pictured above) in your window so others know that you have been hit by the phantom ghost.

You know what I am talking about right? You've all have had the Phantom Ghost visit before. Believe it or not, we have been lucky enough in the last 9 years of marriage to have never recieved the phantom ghost at our house. Phantom goodies with no strings attached, yes; but a phantom ghost with obligation, no.
So these goodies along with the poem were sitting on the table and Kurt begins to read.... A few minutes later I hear, "OH MY GOSH! KILL ME PLEASE." I never knew this would hit such a sore spot with Kurt. I found it funny that he was so agitated.

His Take: Come on people! Don't obligate me to do something I don't want to do. If I want to make cookies for someone then I will. But now that you have brought me cookies with this "phantom ghost" thingy, I am now obligated to make someone cookies.

My Take: I guess I don't really care. I'm a little bit more laid back in this situation only because the kids are excited about it. Ya, you kind of get roped in. Hey, you could always just eat the goods and not return the favor to anyone. Noone would know.

So, tonight, all of us including Kurt will be incognito buzzing and running like we used to do when we were kids-"Doorbell Ditching". We will be the phantom ghost that you will either welcome or despise.
Edit to post: So of course Kurt was dragging his feet about coming with us. So, to make it easier, I told him that I picked 2 young couples in the ward. This way instead of giving all our goodies away to families of 3 or more, we would only have to give a few goodies to fewer people. Meaning he would have more to eat. HA! It worked.
2nd Edit to post: Thank you Rachel for the politically correct term "Doorbell Ditching". I did edit my original post wording. I meant no offense to anyone, and hopefully none was taken. I guess we didn't know any better than to call it what we did back when we were kids.


The Clark said...

okay, 2 things.

1. i believe the pc term is doorbell ditching

2. even if he grumbled i have a feeling that it was one woman and 4 little boys that were running from the doorstep!

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER heard of the Phantom Ghost but might have to start this. I think it would be fun and Brian would be dragging his feet too!! :) Rachel I only knew Kanani's term but was glad to know the pc term, thanks!

Rochelle said...

Tell Kurt he's a trooper (not). But I am totally on his side. I guess I am just a funsucker then huh? That might be why we did not get hit with the phantom ghosty last year....

khepworth said...

Rach-Thanks for the heads up on the pc term. I edited my post. See 2nd edit to post. And you are right, there was no Kurt running.

Court-I can send you the poem. Your neighbors will love you!

Roch-Funsucker? Naaah. Never.


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