Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Worm Guts

Today when 12 noon rolled around to take Owen to school, Gavin was still napping. So I did what any other parent would have done and let him peacefully snooze away while I quickly ran Owen to school. (It is litterally a 30 second drive from our house.) Of course I blew out the candle, and locked every door. Just as I shut the front door, I gave it a good tug wanting to make sure it clicked so I knew it was locked. At the precise moment I tugged and the door clicked, I immediately without thinking profaned in my brain because I knew that I forgot to get the house key. And of course every window is locked because I am a freak and can't goto bed knowing that I could have potentially invited a stranger to invade our house.

So, I take Owen to school. Come back home and call Kurt. He says, to check every window and make sure there isn't one that is open.

So I did. And wouldn't you know it that there was one window that wasn't locked in our family room. LUCKILY Kurt opened the window the other day and was teasing the boys through it and just shut it and didn't lock it. Why he didn't, I don't know. He knows that I freak out. ANYWAYS.... So thankfully there was an unlocked window.

The window is one of those small, normal windows that you slide the window over to open it. Well, I finally got it to slide over, now the hard part was- how am I going to get through the window??? Surrounding the window is a nice mud pit. There is no grass and it has been raining the last 2 days. So not only do I have to get through the window, I have to tromp through a mud hole. Once through the hole there is about a 6 foot drop to the ground. So I sit on the muddy ground, feeling my pants soak up the wet earth, and inch my body through the window until my feet are dangling. Then I turn over onto my stomach, and use my arms to stabilize me. Of course my arms are in the mud pit, so I slowly begin to inch my way down through the window dragging my muddy feet down the wall, all the while my arms are digging into the metal edging of the window opening, just KILLING! I decided to just go for it and pushed off with my arms finally landing on the ground. I made it! Muddy butt, imbedded window indentations in my muddy red arms, and a huge earth worm whose half of it's body had been crushed and squished with guts and who knows what else making the other wiggly half stick to my shirt. EEEEWWWW!!!!!

Needless to say, I did get into our house and Gavin was still peacefully snoozing away not having any clue of the torture I just went through!

Note to self: put house key on keyring.


Clinton and Jessica said...

I'm glad I'm not the only perfect mother who has done that to her sleeping child. Although I haven't ever forgotten the key. knock on wood. :)Calvin actually locked me in HIS room once and I had to call the housing department to get me out ( Luckily I was on my cell when he locked me in there) since I also freak out and must have all windows and doors locked!

Rochelle said...

Hi...my name is Rochelle. I live like, oh, a 10 second car ride away and a 5 minute walk tops. I have these really cool things at my house (maybe you have heard of them?) called ladders and step stools. They come in handy alot! Next time you can call me and I will jump in my car (I'm only ten seconds away remember?) with my step stool and come to your rescue. I could have been your hero for the day or something. ;)

ashleyboice said...

I love this story...so funny. We have a keypad on our door now because I have locked myself out so many times. It is the best I just enter my 4 digit code and I am in. It really has saved me about a billion times.


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