Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hepworth Family Reunion

Kurt's mom organized the first ever Hepworth family reunion over Labor Day weekend and I wanted to post pics of it. We all went to the Sleepy J Cabins in Swan Valley. We each had our own little cabin, but mostly congregated in the main lodge. We were entertained by the family program where each family had to do a talent/skit. (Some good laughs.) Our family sang the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash but changed the words.

We are the Hepworth's True
with Isaac, Owen, and Gavin too.
We're not one's who wallow in the mire,
We run 'round like our pants are on fire.

Chorus 1:
We run around like our pants are on fire,
There's no quiet time, the noise just goes higher,
and it boils, boils boils Kanani's blood, Kanani's blood.

And when the sun goes down,
With pajama's on they bare a frown.
It's time for bed without a fight,
Cuz Stampy Stamperson's comin' out tonight.

Chorus 2:
Stampy Stamperson is comin' out tonight
and she'll stamp, stamp, stamp
by the pale moonlight.
And she says crazy things, like is this cute, and does this match.

Back to first chorus.

Then each family made their own family coat of arms. We also played a killer game of signs and ate until we could eat no more! We did plenty of talking, played games with the kids, and had a nice family testimony meeting on Sunday. We had a fabulous time visiting and watching our kids get to play with all of their cousins. Everyone was able to be there except for Katie. She was in Chicago traveling it up. We missed her! It was great to see Bryce, Nicole and Andrew. We haven't seen them in a long time. Bryce has been busy starting up his dbot5 (wakeboarding) business. Check it out. All in all, the reunion was great and we had a blast.

A big thanks to everyone who came over and helped us pack up the moving truck after the reunion. We so appreciate it!

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