Thursday, September 6, 2007

First day of school

We made a family trip out of Isaac's first day of school. We all went to check the place out and see his new school. He attends Midvale Elementary school. As we all stood outside waiting for the school doors to open, we noticed that we were one of the only few white people standing in the crowd. Isaac is in the minority at his school. It is comprised of 85% Spanish kids. It is weird. But we are okay with it. It will be good for him. They teach in Spanish and English. We are hoping that he will develop a little bit of the Spanish language.

Now that he has been in school for a week and a half, I have counted about 11 white kids in the whole first grade. There are 6 first grade classes. About 2 per class. He really loves school and is doing well. Tonight he told me that he needs to bring fruit for the whole class. He said that since he was the first person to raise his hand he gets to bring the fruit for snack time. He wants to bring bananas. So nice of him to volunteer, but the teacher sent home no note, and it is a little hard to go off the word of a 1st grader. He said to buy 3 or 4. I wonder if that is bananas or bunches....

Isaac refused to smile for the camera. He hates to have his picture taken. This was all I could get out of him.

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