Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Block Party- Rexburg Town, USA

The other night was the neighborhood block party. It turned out to be pretty fun. They had a huge bouncer for the kids and a dunking booth. The dunking booth was a big hit! You could see the pent up frustration wive's had as they threw the balls as hard as they could to get their husbands into the water. It was sad that their throwing skills weren't as good as they hoped they would be. It took the young'ins to get the job done. It was nice to sit and talk with the neighbors and ward members. The kids had a blast! Afterward, Kurt and I went up to the hospital to visit my brother Vince and his wife Brittany who just had their first child. A girl, named Kalea. (ka lay a). I just noticed that my spelling is totally messed up on the slide show. I am unable to go back and correct it. Sorry. It's Glenn Mounts, not Monts.


The Clark said...

good job for dunking glen. when do you guys move?

khepworth said...

Could my grammar/spelling be any worse in this post?


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